Thanks to everyone who made this a successful event!!!! I am sorry the pictures are out of order, but at least theres plenty to look at!

dvc00026_small.jpg dvc00027_small.jpg dvc00028_small.jpg dvc00029_small.jpg
_0130_small.jpg _0151_small.jpg dsc00940_small.jpg dsc00941_small.jpg
dsc00949_small.jpg dsc00950_small.jpg dsc00951_small.jpg dsc00952_small.jpg
dsc00953_small.jpg dsc00954_small.jpg dsc00955_small.jpg dsc00956_small.jpg
dsc00958_small.jpg dsc00959_small.jpg midwestzfest010_small.jpg midwestzfest059_small.jpg

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